An Idea for Creating Your Own Career Online

Job opportunities for people with spinal disorders and diseases are hard to come by and even though our organization does its best to connect the people with potential employees, many of them can’t find a job due to their physical restrictions. In today’s world, brutal efficiency is too often the only thing that’s valued and only those with perfect health can look forward to finding a decent job. But, one of our members had an idea. He decided to create a job for himself and not wait for someone to invite him to a job interview.

Due to the nature of his disease, he spent a lot of time with medical personnel. He learned about the ins and outs of their job, their problems, the real pros and cons of their careers. He found that one of the biggest problems that medical professionals faced was the fact that they were understaffed and under pressure. There is a constant need for additional personnel and staff shortages put existing workers under pressure to work long hours and make them prone to making mistakes or taking shortcuts – not a good situation when you are working in the medical field. The solution, as it turned out, would kill two birds with one stone.

An Online Idea in Healthcarenursing careers

He was browsing the internet, trying to find work online, when he stumbled upon a few websites like – started by Debra Riley, which offered in-depth information about various nursing salaries and careers. She covers different types of nursing careers from Nurse Practitioners to Registered Nurses and LPN’s. He decided he could try to build a similar website and monetize it with advertisements. He would focus more on the problems medical workers faced at work and finding solutions to those problems.

Building an active online community was something that he set as his goal. It started off slow at first and it wasn’t very profitable, but it gained momentum over the course of several months. Seeing the potential that lay in online work, our member honed his skills and worked on new things, so he could expand his online business. He became interested in web design and now he makes websites for himself and others.

Eventually it turned into a full-time thing and it started earning him a regular income. He did so well that he opened up a small company with a few other of our members and now they have a large number of regular clients they do business with. They also collaborate with other companies in the field of marketing, design, photography and software development.

They are looking to use their influence and raise money for other people with spinal injuries and disorders and create new jobs as they continue to expand. But even if they were to stop now, they have done more than enough, as they showed that it is possible to take control of your own life and to start living to the fullest with all of its ups and downs. Our organization continues to collaborate tightly with their company, raising awareness and funds, in order to help people and improve their quality of life. This example is just one of the ways one can find employment. We are going to share more examples with you in the near future. Stay happy and in good health!

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